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Our Projects...Supporting the local Communities, near and far.

We partner with organizations to be of service and be a blessing to ones who need it the most.

BBS Positive Body Hygiene Initiative


We know that positive body hygiene promotes positive self-image /high self esteem in every individual, especially in our young people.

  • Distribute hygiene packets with the basic essential hygiene products and guided checklist.

  • Educate youth with correct and age-appropriate information about body anatomy, hygiene practices, and the importance of self-care

  • Encourage healthy habits; regular bathing, dental care, skincare, and other basic hygiene practices as essential components of overall well-being.​​

Clothes/Coat Distribution


We partner with various organization in our local community to help the less fortunate. 

BBS Youth Empowerment C.L.U.B.

Happy Kids

A sense of belong and to know that someone believes in you is everything. Our youth will be Empowered to Shine with Boldness and Dream of the many successful life possibilities because they can now see the Vision because they are Chosen, Loved, Unique and Blessed.

The C.L.U.B. focuses on Positive Youth Development...ages 11-18.


  •  Bullying

  •  Health & Wellness

  •  Self Worth/Self-Esteem 

  •  Life Skills/Exposure

  •  Mentoring/Personal Growth

  •  Pregnancy Prevention/STD's

  •  Positive Behavior/ Decision Making

  •  Community Engagement/Volunteerism

  •  Social/Academic Development

  •  Career Development

      ...AND MUCH MORE!                 


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